The Historical Structure of Scientific Discovery Written by Thomas Kuhn

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:04
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Tarrence HattenProfessor DaveComposition 21 April 2016Scientific Information        The Historical Structure of Scientific Discovery was written by Thomas Kuhn in 1962. Thomas Kuhn was a regarded as a premier philosopher of science in the twentieth century and this was his most influential writing. Kuhn’s idea that scientific knowledge does not progress in a linear fashion, but to ever increasing clarity about the nature of reality. Sometimes as a community think we have all the data, but when new information is discovered we have to rethink a whole new set of assumptions. This was a historical moment in which one view replaced another. Kuhn uses this to explain the ways of scientific discovery.         From Against Method was written by Paul Feyerabend in 1975. Paul Feyerabend is also one of the most controversial philosophers of science. Feyerabend did not care that his writing wasn’t a popular approach because he disagreed with the way methods are. Feyerabend argues, the methods by scientific knowledge actually is missing important key components necessary for growth and development of scientific knowledge. Feyerabend also states if someone takes a closer look at the ways science has progress , than one can conclude when it comes to scientific discovery’s anything goes. This is Feyerabend explaining the method. Both authors wrote important papers just decades apart but are very similar pointing out problems with the way science and its findings are organized. Kuhn felt like most discoveries completely were not discovery’s because we don’t have enough information to classify them as such. Feyerabend explains methods lack key components that stop growth of more knowledge. These are both problems with the way science and knowledge are composed.  If Organization were changed in the science field it will lead to better development of scientific knowledge.

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