The Impact of the Beatles - the Birth of Beatlemania

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:11
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The Beatles are the phenomena that goes beyond the wildest dreams of every band. There

will probably never be another group like them. Beatlemania was a type of madness that

came from Britain in 1963 and will continue to resonate as long as humans are recording

history. In less than a year, the Beatles snowballed into a monster that was

unprecedented in the history of show business in England. They were the first group in

the world to go platinum before releasing the album. They cancelled many shows in '64

due to riots caused by Beatle-fever.

The Birth Of Beatlemania

The Beatles came out of Liverpool, where about 300 other bands were trying to

"make it" at the time. In order to make more money, the group traveled to Hamburg,

Germany to play at a wild strip club known as the Indra Club. Brian Epstein, an agent

and promoter, discovered them there and offered to become their manager after several

performances. The group signed a contract with Brian on January 24, 1962. He is

recognized as "the fifth beatle." That same month, the Beatles made a demo that Epstein

shopped around. Every label turned them down except for Parlophone Records, a smaller

label of Electric and Musical Industries Ltd who owned the majority of stock shares in

Capitol Records. Parlophone Records was not involved with rock music. The young band

successfully auditioned for George Martin and signed a contract. George Martin would

remain their producer for the entirety of their career. On August sixteenth of that year,

George Martin had the Beatle's current drummer Pete Best fired. The band had on-going

issues with Pete. Two days later, they hired Ringo Star, whose nick-name Ringo came

from wearing several rings. The official line-up of Paul Mccartney, John Lennon, George

Harrison and Ringo Star was in place at last. They went on to record "Love Me Do" as

there first single. 100,000 copies were sold. "Love Me Do" was followed by "She Loves

You," which sold a million copies. Then they released "Please, Please Me" and "With the

Beatles." The group's biggest success came with "I Want to Hold Your Hand." They also

released a handful of other recordings which sold a few hundred thousand. Beatlemania

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