The Importance of Human Resourcing

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:42
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Human Resourcing in Organisations
"The objective of human resource's' development is to foster human resourcefulness through enlightened and cohesive policies in education, training, health and employment at all levels" (Lawrence (2000)). This basically means that Human Resources should aim to ensure the ethical operations of the organisation as regards to the employees, and taking care of their needs through training and education, whilst taking care of their basic health needs. Human Resourcing also deals with the recruitment and disciplinary procedures of an organisation.
Marques (2007), argues that an ideal HR department an immediate and continuous connection with strategic management, in order to stay abreast of newly adopted visions and, consequently, adjusted missions, so that the workforce can be geared toward the new requirements. This implies that a HR department must attempt to stay in line with the market by ordering the workforce in a way that is capable of adapting to changes in their operating environment, both from internal and external influences.
whilst helping to settle any disputes that may arise between levels of the organisation. The aim of this assignment is to understand why it is important for HR departments in organisations to be able to change the organisation effectively in order to move dynamically with the market, whilst still maintaining efficiency on all levels.

The Importance of Human Resourcing
The use of effective HR in an organisation is vital so that its workforce is capable of undertaking changes, and changing dynamically with the market in order to increase its competitive advantage through increased efficiency and productivity.
Marques (2007) argues that in order for an organisation to achieve effective competitive advantages, the HR department must take on a number of roles, seen in the diagram (left), in order to prepare and adapt their workforce for changes.
Marques (2007)
In essence, Marques believes that the HR department should no longer be used for administration purposes, and should be used to align the company with the current market, stating that the HR department when hiring should take into account the strategic planning of the organisation in order for them to have a workforce with suitable skills and knowledge in the field of the forecasted changes in direction, and that the HR department should continually be motivating the employees through creating a sense of belonging and reward, which will in turn motivate the employees, thus improving efficiency and productivity, once again, improving the competitive advantage of the organisation, this is known as strategic human resourcing, "the internal integration of personnel policies and their external integration with overall strategy" Baker (1999).

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