The Journey of My Life

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:52
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One evening while I was watching TV with my cousin and relatives, after movement suddenly, my cousin shouts outside loudly because he saw burning fire in top of roof. I don’t how it happen but as people saying that one woman is cooking food in gas cylinder, she forget to turn off the cylinder gas as she make fire with matches stick for candle . The suddenly gas catch the fire then start burning around 1300 houses. Unfortunately, no one died in that incident and this fire incident causes huge problems to us because all our property burned except the people and some important document. These were misery movement for all of us because it makes homeless to us; thank God, during that movement we are not starving, organization provides us food & shelter to surviveMy Name is Sagar Mukhiya; in 1995, I was born in eastern part of Nepal, which called Goldhap, Jhapa. I grew up in Goldhap, it is remote area and near forest where I live with my family, house where we live was made of bamboo stick, mud and roof where our people also live as well. I spent my beautiful childhood movement over there with family, cousin and friends.  We are Refugee and our place is not standard as like here in USA. An organization LWF, UNHCR, UN, CARITAS and others organization helps us to build shelter, provide food to survive and provides education. Our house destroyed by flood and bridge which is only a road to enter the camp also destroyed by flooding, as more than two week there was no transportation and everything is blocked.  During my journey of education, my mother helps me to know the value of education and how important is education. Education facility was not good as USA but struggle hard as poorly to accomplish the brighter future.

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