The Kite Runner: Guilt

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:06
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The past is something some people try to forget. This is the case for Amir, the main character in the book, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. He has a very upsetting past and cannot seem to get it out of his mind. This causes him constant pain and regret. This in turn persuades Amir to involuntarily travel the distance to get Sohrab because of the guilt felt from what had happened in the past.
Best friends are inseparable, at least most people believe. Amir and Hassan are two boys who as young children were always together and were practically brothers. They played, laughed, and learn how to talk together. "But we were kids who had learned to crawl together, and no history, ethnicity, or religion was going to change that either" (Hosseini 25). Amir was the son of a rich man, and Hassan and his father were their servants. These servants, Hazaras as they are called in Afghanistan, were like family to Amir and his father. "...inseparable playmates despite their difference in caste" (Graves). Amir and Hassan were always together and share a special bond they thought would always stay with them.
One event can change a person's life. This is the case for both Amir and Hassan. "...during a kite flying tournament that should be the triumph of Amir's young life, Hassan is brutalized by some upper-class teenagers" (Hower). This event alone sends Amir on a whirlwind of guilt and feelings of failure. When Hassan was being attacked, Amir made no effort to help his "best" friend. "Rather than step in and fight Hassan's attackers, Amir freezes, remains hidden and eventually runs away in fear" (Hacht 88). Because of his actions, Amir feels guilt for the rest of his life. He is now forever haunted by what he saw, and how he did not help when his friend was in trouble. "His failure to stand up for Hassan in his moment of need becomes a burden he carries for much of his life" (Hacht, 88). Hassan and Amir quickly drift apart, and Hassan never leaves his hut. Hassan practically becomes a hermit and Amir almost never sees him.
This event causes Amir to both doubt and find momentary glory. Amir decided to keep the attack to himself, which would soon begin to eat him alive. Before he can truly start to feel bad, he realizes he now has free time to spend one on one with his father. "Against the backdrop of his guilt, Amir takes advantage of the opportunity to enjoy his father's company" (Hacht 87). Amir needs to feel special by his dad for once, so he enjoys having talks and going on trips with just his dad, and not having Hassan tagging along. Soon Amir realizes what he has done and the guilt begins to wash over him.

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