The Laughing Sutra Written by Mark Salzman

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:14
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The Laughing Sutra written by Mark Salzman is a book about a young Chinese man journeying to America to locate a famous Sutra for his dying "father". An old wise Chinese man named Wei-chang took in sheng-hui or Hsun-ching, as he liked to call him, when his mom was killed. Wei-chang taught Hsun-ching everything he needed to know to be as smart and wise as he was, to do this he had Hsun-ching read all the sutra's he had collected. Wei-chang would always tell Hsun-ching about a very special sutra located in the United States. He would dream of traveling over to receive the famous Sutra. Once Wei-chang became very old and weak it was no longer possible for him to make his dream come true. Knowing this, Hsun-ching decided to repay his father for everything he has done, by journeying to the U.S and bringing the Sutra home. Through Hsun-ching's journey Salzman incorporates three main religions, Buddhism, Confusism, and Hinduism.

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