The Main Reason for the Growth of the Progressive Movement in the Years 1890-1912 Was Because of the Need to Regulate Big Business

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:21
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‘The main reason for the growth of the Progressive Movement in the years 1890-1912 was because of the need to regulate big business’.At the start of the 1890’s, America was still recovering from post war effects after then Civil War ended in 1865. One of the main problems the almost effected everyone in the country was Big Businesses who were monopolies making so much money they began influencing the country with their own decisions. Such as they bribed Judges and statesmen. This period was called the progressive movement as the presidents at the time tried to reform the country to become more progressive. Theodore Roosevelt was the first progressive president and he focused on improving society for the people. He realised the big business problem and introduced bills like the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and more. Taft followed him and continued his predecessor’s ways. The Acts they introduced helped regulate big business as they banned monopolistic companies from dominating the markets. This stopped constant flows of money gained by these companies.It was important that Big Businesses had to be regulated as Large Businesses established monopolies in particular industries, such as Rockefeller and the Oil industry in America. He did not produce the Oil but bought crude Oil for cheap, refined it and distributed the pure oil for expensive prices. This undercut his rivals, spent less money on the oil and made more money out of the product. This helped him create a Monopoly in the Oil market. Monopolies fixed prices without fear of competition. This made them very powerful and in some cases were only watched by the president who is meant to be the most powerful man in the world.

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