The Movie Freedom Writers Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:01
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Jennifer Suarez
Final draft ( rewrite)

The movie Freedom writers is an impactful movie. Not only does it show moments of doubts, it shows moments of courage. All of the students were challenged in a way to change themselves. Mrs. G the teacher really taught them a reason to promote change for themselves. Despite different ethnic backrounds and differences amongst the students they all became one in the end which are the freedom writers...
All of the students each had a different backround and story. Everyone had a main click, the latinos with the latinos..the African Americans with African Americans and the Kamobodians with the Kambodians. You also can't forget the one caucasian in the class as well. Each group had to represent their own territory and had to fight for something to keep what they wanted as it's "own". All of the students individually had something unique about their lives to share but no one ever knew. They all felt as if they were strangers trapped in this box of a room for hours listening to some "white woman" talk. Little did they know that she was the one who was going to have the greatest effect on them all.
In the actual class the students were reading below level books just because the rate of all of them succeeding throughout the whole year was very low. Mrs G changed that and started bringing in books for them to read like "Anne Frank". Mrs. G really used the holocaust as an examples on how everything and everyone is different in life but there's always one simlarity amognst everyone. In the book they read about the holocaust and all of the history about how the Jews were mistreated. She then relates to the students lives. Everyone has their own lives and differences but they share one similarity. That one similarity is the are all struggling and striving for that one power.

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