The Pharmacy in American Colonical Period

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:08
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The Pharmacy in America have been undergone a long term process to be greatly developed. Can u imagine there don't have any law to regulate the practice of pharmacy and medical in four hundred years before in the united stated? the people at that time mostly depended on the drug that bought from the mother land. Also, Can u imagine the medicine and pharmacy never separated until 1736? The journal " The Colonial and revolutionary Heritage of Pharmacy in America" offered the datail imformation for the development of the America phamacy. The time line that the journal starts with is the colonial period and all the way through to revolution war which is most important period on the America Pharmacy history. By understanding the revolutionary and development on the pharmacy,the society and the political in the United state at that period was revealed.
The colonial period
As mention before, the timeline was starts with colonial period when America still not separation from the British. The settlers undergone a six to forteen week of the sea voyage to be the land of america. The abandunt on the sea voyage make them understand the what food and drug were so neseccary to live in a new world. Therefore, they bought a lot of drug and spice from the motherland. At first, They seem not really able to adapt the life on the new land , almost 0ne-ninth of the people were killed by the appearing of some unknown dicease. lately, they found out some plant that used by the native indian were so useful on treating disease. therefore, they started to grow the plant for their own good and also sold and deliver back to their motherland british. " Hakluyt, writting in his Discourse of western planting, propounded strategic and economic arguments for estrablishing an English colony on the Virginia coast. His economic argument were a classic exposition of mercantilistic colonianlism, and conspicuous among the products which the mother country could expect to produre in the new colony were "dyes and drugs.'"
The colonial Practice of Pharmacy
At the colonial period, Few trained british physicians were to be found in the early colonial period, and indeed throughout the entire colonial period. There still don't had any separation between medicine and pharmacy. The physician practiced pharmacy and the spothecary practiced medicine. However, it was kind of difficultly to separate them due to the lack of law or regulation. Also, the new word on decribling the role of pharmacy were appeared-Apothecary which is treat the patient with the use of the plant. The education model for them are mostly apprenticeship. According to the jounral,"the British apothecary had his right to diagnose and prescribe, that is to practice medicine, legally recognized in the famous Rose case of 1703. In American arrogated unto themselves the same privileges, and

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