The Prevalence Effect of Insomnia

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:42
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INFORMATIVE SPEECH TEMPLATE(Describing chart[s] and/or graph[s])Name: ABDUL HAYEI BIN ABDUL HADITopic: IMSONIAMatric number: 2017274962Group: AP2293AThis exercise requires you to provide an outline for your informative speech by filling in the following template. The outline of your speech should include :introduction, description and analysis of chart(s) and/or graph(s), conclusion and recommendation. In this exercise, you need to choose at least one chart(s) and/or graph(s) related to your topic. Describe the important data (facts and figures) and the salient features of the data from the chosen chart(s) and/or graph(s). You are also required to choose at least one article related to your topic. Select relevant information from the chosen article(s) to provide some supporting information for the data.IntroductionIntroduce topicInsomnia disease in MalaysiaCredibilityI am interested in this topic and I have done some research on it.Background of topicAccording to Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, reported that insomnia is associated with substantial impairments in an individual’s quality of life. Central IdeaPeople that suffer from insomnia is due to their prevalence lifestyleeffect.Body (Describing chart[s] and/or graph[s])Description of dataThe bar chart shows the different prevalence lifestyle that effect to insomnia.In this chart shows that people with poor health status suffer most of insomnia diseasePeople with poor health status are the highest that suffer from insomnia disease with 40.9% than any other prevalence.The pie chart shows the age of people that suffer insomnia disease from 18 to 79 years oldThe least people that suffer insomnia disease in the age 18-34yrs old with 19%In 65-79yrs old and 50-64yrs old have the highest percentage of people that with insomnia disease with 34% and 27% by the cause of poor health condition.ConclusionConclusionBoth chart shows that people with different prevalence lifestyle anddifferent age that suffer from insomnia disease. People that sufferfrom insomnia is due to their prevalence lifestyle effect.RecommendationTo reduce or avoid the insomnia disease is to change our negative lifestyle in diet, working, productivity and etc.

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