The Profile of the Most Common Erp Transactionos

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:30
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New Business Partner
A business partner is a commercial entity which joins a firm in an ongoing working relationship, regarding the distribution, promotion and sale of its products. Business partners are suppliers, who operate within the supply market of monetary resources, materials and services and customers who require products or services in respect of a contract with the supplier.
The creation of a new business partner consists of a data entry activity of all related information which are stored in the database through a single database transaction (ACID properties are met).
Sales function, Purchase function, Administrator
Data input
1. Name: name of the business partner set by user
2. Reference No. Set by user. It can be printed on orders and invoices to allow business faster identification
3. Description: is limited to 255 characters
4. The Business Partner category is randomly selected
5. Active: checkbox to set business partner (un)active. A de-activate business partner in not available for selection, but available for reporting.
6. Customer and supplier properties fields
* * * *
Sales representative is randomly selected from a list saved on database Credit limit is a number set by user Sales/Purchase price-list is randomly selected from a list of value saved on database Invoice, payment and delivery fields are selected from a list of value
7. Accounting: a chart of accounts is selected from a list on database or a set of field are filled by user
8. Location: user selects a business partner location from menu list or fills related fields (address, phone, fax) and selects ship to address and invoice to address check-box.
9. Contacts: user select a contact entity from a list saved on database or defines a new contact by filling related field (contact name, address, mail...)
Transaction Flow
1. Business Partner Creation: define business partner information * insert name of Business Partner * insert Reference Number * insert a description of Business Partner
* select Business Partner Category (check-box or list)
2. Customer properties: define customer properties of a business partner that will purchase items from you
* select sales representative * insert credit limit * select sales price-list * define invoicing properties
◦ select invoice rule
◦ select invoice schedule * define delivery properties
◦ select delivery rule
◦ select delivery method * define payment properties
◦ select payment rule ◦ select payment term
3. Supplier properties: define customer properties of a business partner as a vendor who will sell items
* select sales representative * select purchaise price-list * define invoicing properties

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