The Review of Three Days to See

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:32
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Think about if you are blind and deaf, you can't see and hear anything. But one day, god gives a chance to see the world. But, god only gives you three days? What would you like to do when you only have three days to see?

In this book, the main character is Helen. Of course we know Helen is great writer. She was born in the United States, when she is 19 months, she got scarlet fever. Because of scarlet fever, she became blind and deaf. But she was not laid out, she started to learn how to read, speak, and write all because of her teacher Anne Sullivan's efforts.

Helen Keller talked about what is her plan when she only has three days to discover the world in this short book. She said in her first day, she wants to see the people who is kind, gentle, and made her life worth living. She also wants to the face of her dear teacher Mrs. Anne Sullivan. Because she said her teacher taught her how to overcome the tasks and prevail against the difficulties. In the second day, she wants to see how is night is transformed into day. Then she said she will go to Metropolitan Museum of Art, because she wants to feel the history of humanity arts by her own hand. The next stop of this, she said she will probably go to the theater to see wonderful dramas. In the third day, she wants to look around the New York City, climbing to the top of Emperor Building and stand on the Fifth Avenue. In the evening, she wants to go to theater again.

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