The Story of Emigration

Published: 2021-06-29 06:52:50
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Littered throughout the packet you'll find evidence of push and pull factors but, push factors definitely made the biggest impact on the story of emigration on the Oregon Trail to the Oregon Territory, drawing Americans away from their homes and to hopes of better lives. While I do agree that pull factors helped move people on their way, push factors were a bigger impact in my opinion. The widespread rumours of healthful land in the Oregon Territory intrigued everyone and the emigration there was inevitable in my opinion. Oregon seemed like a wonderful place full of fertile land, political strength and healthy people, some things lacking in other parts of America.

The Panic of 1837 depressed the economy for several years according to the source entitled Cartoon from 1838. In the picture a tradesman sits, seeming to think over his current situation and the position his family is currently forced to live in. This cartoon painted a pretty accurate picture of the devastation sweeping the nation and making people feel helpless. People out of work, and out of luck, saw Oregon as a way out their deep misery and pain, out of the depression, away from their bad luck. Most of the families in or near this state had nothing left to fight for at home. The fact that the Panic of 1837 put so many people out of jobs and out of homes gives me key evidence that the cartoon represents a push factor, influencing people to leave their homes and start fresh in Oregon.

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