The Supply Chain Process - Process of Assembly at Computer Industry

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:13
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The Supply Chain Process

process of assembly at computer industry:-

1. The suppliers, who supply mechanical and electric parts to manufacturer. They can arrange materials from multiple sources of same quality standards. A small number (15-20) of suppliers provide up-to 80% of the core materials and another 15-20 make it to 95% of the procured value.
2. Computer Manufacturer, who runs its own assembly sites where system boards and system units are assembled. Assembly for both items can take place, either at same site or different sites of same manufacturer or at different legal entities. The manufacturer also runs a distribution center for external devices like printers and monitors.
3. Logistic Service Provider, who are responsible for distribution of system units and external devices to deployment partners from assembly sites and distribution center of manufacturer. Logistic partner also runs its own distribution center from where materials are dispatched to small/medium business clients. Large orders are handled through system integrators or consumer market suppliers depending on the nature and size of orders.

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