The Treaty of Paris

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:50
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The Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris is one of the greatest long-term trends of the United States history that concerns territorial expansion. The Treaty of Paris took place in 1783 and was what ended the American Revolution. The United States gain a lot during this period of time, the United States doubled its size of territory. As many other periods of times that changed the United States, this was one of them, giving the United States a larger territorial. It6 had many loses but it did gain more.
The Treaty of Paris occurred in 1783. This was an agreement signed in September 3rd, 1783 in order to establish the United States as an independent country. The Treaty of Paris is six separate international agreements that were signed in Paris, France in order to end the American Revolution and the Seven Years' War that went on from 1756 to 1763. One of the treaties was the treaty of Hubertusburg which was signed by representatives of Britain, France and Spain on February 15, 1763 to end the Seven Years' War. The agreement made on September 3rd by British and Americans officially ended the Revolution War establishing the United States as an independent country.

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