The Trophy Project - Business Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:39
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 No. The first most important this for the Trophy project is no business plan was formulated.
Reichart was newly appointed to The Trophy project, before that he had experience as assistant project manager. No business case was present. The Trophy project didn't have any planning principles as lack of planning and control. Instead of maintaining the project line management, Reichart was figuring out how to bring the project back on the schedule as planned. Slippage of schedule caused major harms to project with increasing expenditures right from the start of the project.
 Reichart had no control on functional managers and project lacked serious work breakdown structure. No prototype was completed as after one and half year plus project was nine months behind schedule.
 To track the progress of project a computer program was initialized but due to failure of handling objectives that was also terminated. Plus It took Budget overrun and more programming and additional storage capacity. Baseline plan did not cover the aspects of project plan.
 Involvement of customer representative created many changes in program and continuous changes in the scope. Customer relationship problems arose as Reichart criticized the changes verbally. Hence The Trophy project hampered by main impacts Time, Cost management and communication as it was not planned correctly.
Situation Analysis:

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