The United States Punishes Criminals in Multiple Ways

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:32
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Community corrections are all over the world. The United States punishes criminals in multiple ways. The author will explain what community correction method the United States should focus more on later throughout the paper. He will also address how United States Prisons compare to foreign countries.
Community Corrections
Community Corrections "is a program intended to provide an alternative sentencing option to the courts for non-violent offenders" (Garfield County Community Corrections, 2013, p. 1). This program also includes non-violent inmates or inmates on good behavior that are up for parole or who have completed most of their sentenced time. Community corrections are offered in many states. They offer the criminals a place to stay and sometimes a job but they expect them to abide by strict rules, be supervised, and most of the time pay fines or fees ordered by the court. Society is usually more pleased with this alternative of punishment because they pay fewer taxes and know the criminals are more likely to receive the help they need to become law abiding citizens. They only way for this program to work is by the community supporting it. These criminals need jobs so they can pay for the program they are seeking help from. They need to survive just like anyone else who is paying rent, food, etc. The only benefit is the cost is much less than most non-criminals have to pay to live. The author believes community corrections are a way of shaping the individual instead of just punishing him or her. The criminal has to face his or her bad behaviors in front of the community who will probably shame or ridicule him. This shame will make the offender feel bad for what he or she did or embarrass him or her so bad that he or she will think twice about the criminal behavior. The offender will work in the community instead of just sitting behind bars being useless. In a way the community is pleased because the offender will be giving back (Garfield County Community Corrections, 2013). "Over the past decade research has proven that certain approaches to corrections can effectively change the behavior of offenders and significantly reduce recidivism rates" (Judicial Council of California, 2013, p. 1). Community Corrections is an approach that helps keep criminals from making the same mistakes in most cases.
Prisons in Foreign Countries
Prisons in foreign countries are usually inhumane and lack educational resources. They rarely have medical care for their inmates and are usually low on funds. For example, Africa prisoners constantly face abuse, major violence, malnourishment, and corruption. Afghan prisons are just now getting help from the United States but they still face some of the same problems as African prisons. Zimbabwe is extremely overcrowded with more than 20 people per a tiny cell. It really depends on how much money the country

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