The Walkers Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:19
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When it all happened I was in a comma, and a hospital bed was pushed in front the room I was in. the reason I was in a comma was because I was shot in the shoulder blade one week before the epidemic started to spread, I was out for two months. I woke up out of my comma and stumbled into the long dark spooky corridor, there where papers all over the place and it was completely deserted. It was dark except a flickering light further down the hall on the right I couldn't see where it was coming from. I walked to the light like a moth trying to get out of the dark. I walked up to the door; it had a pad lock and chain on the handle. I looked through the window, and there was no sign of life any were just a flickering light and me. I wandered aimlessly out of a long corridor and in to what I thought was the main lobby. There was this door I was about to walk in to, but there was a message on the double doors. It said "do not open dead in side!" I coughed really loud and then I heard moaning and hands started to come out of the middle of the doors I looked at the handles and they were pad locked like the other doors, but the lock was not the thing that bothered me. I flung my self around to start running, but I spotted an EXIT sign. I ran to the door and swung it open plunging onto the It took a minuet for me to precede, two reasons one there was a stairwell right in front of me, two it was so pitch black I could not see one inch in front of my face. So I did the smart thing and started to feel around on the wall. I have probably walked down seven flights of stairs, when suddenly my hand got stopped by what felt like a handle, I grasped the handle and pulled it open I suddenly went blind by the sunlight. It was almost the best thing ever, but the scene was my worst nightmare there where dead bodies strewn out all over the place there was an army truck with dead bodies all over it. They were all wrapped in white tarps it looked like, I didn't care where I went I just ran then I looked around. I remembered where I was... in my town. I still ran I ran in to a bike and almost tripped, I picked up the bike and I almost started to take off when I herd a hissing and growling mixed to gather. I looked to left then looked to my right and saw a very ugly thing with no legs crawling towards me slow but steady. I started to look at it but there was no way, it was just too ugly there was foam oozing out of its mouth. So I just took off and keep on pedaling. I had to stop because well I just came out of a comma and I ran out of breath so I ditched the bike and got on my knees in some ones front yard. I looked to my left and saw a black man sneaking up behind one other man and shot him in his head! I was completely lost. I heard a twig snap behind me and I saw a shovel swing right at me before it hit me in the face. I'm glad this happened because I would never live in this world.

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