The Waste Land by Eliot

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:45
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1.Number of Sections, name them and give a brief summary of the content.
The poem is composed of 5 sections: 1. The burial of the dead; 2. A game of Chess; 3. The fire Sermon; 4. Death by water; 5. What the thunder said.
The burial of the dead begins with the description of the seasons. Between these descriptions, Eliot focuses on the First of April, described as "the cruelest month". In the second Stanza is searching in vain for life in the waste land, an arid,sterile place with no life and water, domined by stones, dead trees and no relief from the beating sun. In the third stanza the poet introduces Madame Sosostris, a clairvoyant, and remember when she displayed to him her tarots cards in their first meeting. The fourth and final stanza is about an unreal city full of people flowing over London Bridge in a foggy atmosphere. Here the narrator sees a man called Setson, who fought with him in the war.
In the first lines of the Game of Chess appears a woman sitting on a elegant chair into a beautiful setting, full of rich furniture, then the author begins a delirant dialogue with this woman. Finally in the last stanza there is a dialogue between two women at closing time, they are talking about a certain Lil, whose husband Albert was recently released from the army. This last stanza ends with a quotation from Hamlet.
The fire sermon starts with the image of the river Thames. Here this river is descripted as empty, using a comparison between its condition and the modern life(the river is as empty as life). Suddenly a rat appears and the narrator, who is fishing, assumes the role of a fishing king, describing the wasteland stretching out before him. The poet ends this stanza describing this death setting with onomatopeias and with a quotation from Verlaine's Parsifal.
Unreal city start with a link from "The Burial of Dead", evoking Baudelaire once more. Here a merchant called Eugenides invites the narrator to. The next stanza talks about the role of Tiresias, an old man that sees a young man who pays to meet a female that, when he leaves her house, plays music with a gramophone. The music played by the gramophone seems to transport the narrator back to the city he describes below, precisely in a bar in lower Thames Street full of fishmen. This stanza ends with another vision of the Thames and with references to St. Augustine's Confession and Buddha's Fire Sermon
In Death by water there is a description of a man called Phlebas the Phoenician, who has died by drowing. Here the death of this character is presented as the abandonment of his worldly cares.

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