The Woman in Black Review

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:51
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The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black is a thriller fiction novel written by Susan Hill in 1983. The novel is based in the Gothic times and is centered on one character Arthur Kipps, a Young Solicitor. Arthur is sent off to Eel Marsh House to attend the funeral of Mrs Drablow (A Client) and then sort out all personal documents and files. This is not any normal house though and Kipps is in for a surprise.

The setting is a very important aspect and sets the scene and mood for any story and in The Woman in Black it is no different. The setting is mainly based in Eel Marsh house, a large, eerie, old house built on a small island which is only accessible at certain times in the day. With the house being so remote and desolate this creates a quiet, alone mood and feeling which also lets us, the readers, know that it is not a normal house. The time/era that the story is based in also helps develop the setting. For example, the technology is not as advanced which also provides opportunity to create suspense. One point in the story that really shows this is when Arthur is in the office and hears the Horse and Carriage occurrence echo in his head. This alone is unnerving enough but then the lights cut out. This could make people think of ghosts or something extremely suspicious, but all that happened was the generator that powered the lights had ran out and needed rewinding. Never the less this is still unnerving and it is all caused because of the era. The time/era also affects the speech of the story, with characters speaking in a much more formal dialogue rather than using slang and such.

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