The Work for Success

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:33
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There are many examples of success being correlated with luck. For example, it is known that child actors are often born with the talent and connections in order to pursue a career in acting from the start of their lives. It seems that the child's life would be all uphill because of the circumstances that the child was born in but surprisingly, it takes a lot of work and effort to become a successful child actor. A child actor has to be able to meet the expectations of adults, fight for the roles of movies, deal with the pressures of fame, and struggle with time for school. Being successful in life is achieving your life goals and dreams; however, success only comes from hard work.
Owner of the National Basketball Association's Dallas Mavericks and an investor with multimillion dollar companies in every market, Mark Cuban is one of the most successful people in the world. He is zealous in sharing his extensive story of success and helping others achieve success. He started with nothing but an old car that he could not even afford gas for, but he was motivated to change his life and to find something he loved. He did not have the qualifications or degrees for a career but he did not let that stop him from wanting to become a part of something big. After many jobs and a little bit of experience in every field, he started his own computer technology company. He still had nothing, not even a computer for a computer company, but he had connections and he started working. He spent countless hours every day to read manuals, magazines, and books in order to increase his knowledge. His goals were to have his company become big and he hustled for every opportunity in order to make his company grow. He later sold his company for 6 million dollars, but his success does not stop there. Soon after, he created another company, named, which sold for 5.9 billion dollars. In just 20 years, he went from a jobless layperson to a multibillionaire. His success in achieving his goals is not accredited to luck or laziness, but from the rigorous work and countless hours that he worked through. He analyzed the growing field of technology, predicted stock market crashes, and educated himself in a field he knew nothing about.
Success by achieving your goals will only happen if the hard work is put into those goals. After many years, Mark Cuban was able to become a billionaire, which was more than what he even dreamed of. Everybody in the world wants to be successful, but rarely will anyone say that they are. It takes real hard work in order to accomplish anything in life. You are in control of whether or not you are able to succeed. Work hard towards your goal to be successful.

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