Third Party Conflict Resolution

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:57
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In this paper, Team C will analyze the intervention and mediation strategy. Team C will define mediation and elaborate on how one can define this strategy is the best strategy to use when trying to solve company disputes between individuals and explain why people use it to solve conflicts. If mediation does not solve the problem, Team C will create and describe a contingency plan for conflict. Mediation is the process of intervening for bringing about a settlement (Lewicki, Barry, & Saunders, 2006). Once conflict occurs, each party should focus so that he or she can reach an agreement.
Intervention Strategies
During negotiations, management, and those in authority should intervene in conflicts and disputes as third-parties. The authors designed this case study to explore disputes and conflict intervention of mediation strategies renowned by management in the responsibility of third-party conflict resolution. The purpose is to practice a successful approach using potential mediation intervention strategies.
During the mediation intervention, the manager Joe should listen to both side's argument and position regarding the plant and decide the proper solution. Charles, the plant worker must trust Joe's judgment and live with his decision. Nevertheless, management should have good reasons for making the indispensable changes within the plant. One would prefer the (MCS) means-control strategy as the intervention strategy in this managerial dispute. The means-control strategy reveals that management intervenes in the conflict by influencing the process of resolution (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2006). In this exercise, management, recognized as the mediator enforced the rules and made the final decision according to the control that management hold. Management intervened in the conflict by controlling the process. As a result of this, the company used arbitration by taking complete control and by deciding what and how to present the information and outcome for the company (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2006).
Best Strategy
Team C strongly believes that mediation would be the most useful strategy for conflict resolution in this case. Such approach suggests that there is a means-control strategy that facilitates communication between the other two conflicting parties. Throughout this communication, the neutral side helps the parties involved to focus on the issues at hand, assists in generating common grounds that satisfies the interests involved. Consequently, two conflicting parties reach an agreement to benefit both.

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