Through the Eyes of the Home Front

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:36
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Case Study: Through the Eyes of the Home Front
Toni Frissell is highly remembered today for her high-fashion work that she did with Vogue. Most of her work was volunteered through the American Red Cross. The reason she switched from high-fashion to war reportage, she states, is because: "I became so frustrated with fashions that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do a real reporting job" (2010). A lot of her later photos helped President Roosevelt's campaigns to counteract the thoughts about women in uniform and to reinforce positive public attitudes about black people being able to handle the military work.
Esther Bubley was a photographer in Washington D.C. She had just finished art school and like Frissell, had recently spent a little time working for Vogue. She spent her free time documenting the home front by taking pictures of subjects of war around the city. Her pictures eventually got her an offer from Roy Stryker who she longed to work for. "Stryker, head of the documentary photography project of the Historical Section, FSA Documentary photo project was an outstanding mentor and teacher", (2010). One good thing about Bubley's photography was that she wasn't interested much in the "industrial complex" of the war as she was with the focus on the average American.

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