Total Quality Management and Strategy Integration

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:12
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A functional competitive advantage of a company arises when there is an incorporation of its strategic formulation procedure as well as its total Quality Management even though several strategy authors vary on the appropriate strategy for attaining a workable competitive advantage by overlooking the significance of total quality management in developing significant strategies. This article suggests that company's experience step-by-step phases at attaining a complete incorporation of total quality management and strategy. The theoretical foundations of the suggested model comprise of structural life cycles, phases of quality development and models that describe how the strategic management evolved. (Calingo L. M. R., 1996)
This article suggests that quality in strategy integration according to Schonberger R.J. (1992) has a practical aspect and a process aspect. The Practical aspect takes place when top executives translate the basics into 4 strategic development goals:
(1) Constant development in quality products and services;
(2) Better receptiveness from growth through producing and sales
(3) Better flexibility at regulating the needs of customer needs
(4) Improved quality aids cost
While, process aspect arises when quality planning efficiently oversees the company's goals and strategic organization procedures.

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