Toyota Prius

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:26
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Orque has improved too, and it's the bigger engine's added grunt that endows the latest Prius with its fuel-sipping ability.

The rest of the car's hybrid drivetrain is similar to that used by the outgoing model, with a CVT gearbox taking drive from the petrol-electric powerplant to the front wheels.

It's also eco-friendly in other areas. The seat cushions, for example, are made of bioplastic and require less CO2 to be emitted during their production.

The up-spec Prius i-Tech variant also comes with a solar panel array on its roof, which powers a heat-extraction fan while the car is parked and keeps it cool without needing to keep the engine running.
its most eco-friendly model yet, launching the third-gen 2010 Prius into the Australian market.

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