Tredfor Reflection

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:29
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Tan, Sandra Carol O.       TREDFOR C32                                     November 13, 2018        Last week was my first time to experience the tour in the house of brothers. I always wanted to try it but never had the time to do so, and I was really grateful that I was given the opportunity to see it before I graduate. At first, I though that we were going to walk around the vicinity of the brothers similar in a museum and leave when we’re done sightseeing. I did not expect that we had a tour and there were explanations, for example the procedure on how to become a brother, their routines, and that they also offer a program for aspiring brothers while assuring that there is no needed commitment yet. During the tour, I felt that some part of the house were luxurious and it was different from my expectations, while the others, like the dorms were very ordinary, similar to what we always see during retreat houses. In my opinion, the ordinary aspect showcases the simplicity of living of the brothers. I thought that pursuing brotherhood may be fun but on some cases, it is very challenging because the brothers may be assigned to other places without their opinion and it is very hard to fully devote oneself to serve God. For me, I wanted to enjoy time with family and friends, but this experience made me gain so much respect for the brothers. So far, we were also able to ask questions during the tour if we wanted to know something. I also a felt a sense of gratitude because we were given a background of their life, and this can also be an opportunity to others who thought of pursuing the same profession.

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