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Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:31
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In the movie "Tsotsi", The main character was an African American man who was the leader of a gang. He goes to the upper class neighborhood looking to rob, as he looks, he sees a women getting out of her car. He steals her car from her, as he drives off he realizes that there is a baby in the car. He takes the child home with him, but doesn't want anyone to know he has the baby and doesn't have things to take care of it with. He sees a women in his town with a child, and notices her and her mothering skills. He takes the baby to her, so she can feed it. This women ends up caring for the child when he is not around. The women and Tsotsi end up having conversations about the child. She encourages him to bring the child back to his parents, she even volunteers to bring him back herself. At first Tsotsi refuse's to bring the baby back.
At the end of the movie, the director shows how Tsotsi changes by his outfit. When Tsotsi was part of the gang his clothes were more sloppy and he looked like a gang member. After, he learns from the baby and by the time the movie ends, he is wearing a white button down shirt which makes him look presentable and a changed man. In the ending of the movie Tsotsi goes to bring the baby back to his home, as he was just about to put him by the gate, the police show up in front of the house. The police didn't help in this case because Tsotsi gets scared and hesitates to bring the child back. The father of the child comes out of his house to encourage Tsotsi to give him back his baby. The police at this point are aiming guns towards Tsotsi, they care more about getting Tsotsi then saving the child. This makes the father, tell the police to put there guns down and that he will handle it. The mother of the baby came out soon after and Tsotsi seems like he is having more of an affect on what she is telling him. In the end he gives the baby back to the parents and the police do not shoot him. The ending was predictable with him giving the child back but I thought the police were going to shoot him after that. The director was trying to communicate the difference between not only races but classes. Community living, such as the poor, middle and upper class. The movie was very fast and action filled when it represented the gang part of the movie and the killing. But when they showed the women nursing the baby it was more lighter and happy. The movie overall showed a good view point on an African American gang leader verses an African American upper class family.

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