U.S. Financial Markets

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:15
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This week's U.S. economic data released last week and more. Mainland Chinese New Year retail and catering pin satisfactory performance. Standard Chartered forecast this year, the Hang Seng Index to 28,000 points visible. The strong stock market performance in the Asia-Pacific region. Softening in China, Hong Kong stock market, the market outlook can still look forward to
U.S. financial markets were closed yesterday as the U.S. President's Day, except for a number of economic data in the weeks to batches released, which is more susceptible to attention to the property market and inflation data. In addition, the Fed announced Wednesday a record of the meeting on interest rates last month, investors will have an inspiration on whether the Fed will maintain the current ultra-loose monetary measures were. February housing market index will have to reflect the homebuilders confidence be released tonight, it is estimated to rise to 48. Tomorrow, January housing starts data, it is estimated that $ 29,000 compared with last month, to 925,000; For construction permits over the same period, the estimated monthly increase of 6,000 sheets to 915,000. Two inflation data released on the same day, including the Producer Price Index last month, it is estimated by a down turn rose 0.3% on a monthly basis, a larger increase in year-on-year expected to rise 1.4%; net of food and energy, core part, it is expected a month-to-month increase to expand to rise 0.2% year-on-year estimated to increase narrowed to rise 1.6%.

Holiday period consumption rose by 14.7%
Home sales last month announced Thursday, the estimated annualized monthly minus 40000-4900000; Consumer Price Index (CPI) is expected to month-to-month increase to expand to an increase of 0.1%, and monthly estimated that the smaller increase to an increase of 1.6%. As for the core consumer price index is estimated to rise 0.2% month-to-month increase to expand the smaller increase in year-on-year expected to rise 1.8%. Leading economic indicators reflect the economic trends of the next 3-6 months January and is expected to rise 0.3% smaller increase; Philadelphia manufacturing index is expected in February rebounded to positive from a negative 1.

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