Unit 5 - the Age of Technology

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:07
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Unit 5- The Age of technology
Artifacts are how we learn what life was like years ago. We can determine how people lived by the items that they used. When years past and people want to know how we lived what will they think? An artifact that is the embodiment of what the United States has turned into is the computer.
If this question was asked three years ago I would have said a perfect artifact would have been television but now you can watch TV on your tablet, computer, and phone. Telephones have now become portable computers that you can make calls on and the tablets are computers that people can read digital books on. Computers are everywhere people are constantly checking face book statuses, MySpace pages, catching up on the favorite shows will waiting for their doctors appointments or on their lunch breaks.
The culture of the United States has become a digital age with an "I need it now" culture. People enjoy the convince of having everything they believe that they need at their fingertips. They can order things while at lunch with friends and catch up via the internet to friends that are in other countries or cities. Our society has become a social media outlet via the computer and everyone seems to be enjoying it.
The computer was originally created in 1936 by Konrad Zuse and over the years it changed and adapted to become more user friendly and easier to program and change out parts. By doing this the computer was able to be used by the average user. In the mid 1980's the computer not only become more personable but financially achievable to the ordinary user. Computers were also starting to become popular in work environments with more companies purchasing the computers for their businesses. This allowed their workers to store data in a secure place and reducing the cost and space for file folders.

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