Valley Forge: The Ultimate Test

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:56
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Valley forge: The ultimate test
Thesis: I would not have quit fighting for freedom from Britain

Catchy title:

For the sake of our dead brothers we must keep fighting.
The unity and power of our government makes me inspired.
Our nation has more to it than what meets the eye.

Grabber: These are the times that try men's souls.

Stating question with key terms defined: Had you been a soldier at Valley Forge, would you have quit? The question is asking us that after learning about the harsh and non-ideal conditions of valley forge, would you have stayed an re enlisted or abandoned the fight entirely and go home. The question is debatable, and one cause the documents to show the evidence of why or why not they would re enlist. Your re-enlistment will apparently be over at February first, since you applied for a nine month enlistment like many other soldiers. February first is only a month away, o the choice is yours.

Background: The initial two years of the American Unrest had not gone well for the Mainland Armed force. Since the mid year of 1775 when he had taken order, George Washington and his troops had pulled back from Boston and withdrew from New York City. Most as of late, in October 1777, he had been not able stop the English when General Howe walked his armed force into the national capital of Philadelphia. Valid, there had been a triumph at Trenton and a win at Princeton, however overall Washington's armed force had seen difficult circumstances: As anyone might expect, Washington was experiencing difficulty keeping his fighters in the armed force. Some of his men had marked on for maybe a couple years. Be that as it may, the most incessant time of selection was nine months. Nine-month men were going home and not returning. Others just forsook. To exacerbate the situation, Washington's own position was indeterminate. A few individuals from Congress did not believe him To them, the general from Virginia appeared to lead a stupendous withdraw. Like quite a bit of America, Philadelphia was partitioned over the war. Some Philadelphians even respected the English. A couple of young ladies created "red fever," an interest with English troopers and their splendid red coats. Washington's own particular Head of Architects composed that, "There is a hundred times more energy for this insurgency ... in Paris than there is in all the Assembled States together." With Howe's armed force of 18,000 easily quartered in Philadelphia, Washington chose to assemble a winter camp at Valley Manufacture around 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia. It was not sufficiently

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