War in the Land of the Free

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:55
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War in the Land of the Free

Debate over homosexuality and religion has become the main center of controversy across the country. People chose to express their opinions differently and it may not always be in a positive way but we are all entitled to our first amendment, the freedom of speech. Although, there is only so much the amendment can permit until it becomes a crime.
The Westboro Baptist Church, led by pastor Fred Phelps, has done exactly this by exhibiting their opinion in such a poor way and channeling their anger with extreme negative and obscene signs at grieving families during ceremonies. The Westboro members have picketed many military funerals in their I-70 GodSmack Tour to get their point across; that U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq is our punishment for tolerance of homosexuality, abortion and divorce. They have abused their right by recklessly protesting at the funerals of our fallen soldiers and marines who risk their life fighting for my freedom as well as your freedom and this whole countries freedom. They are using aggression as a disruption of peace, intentionally inflicting emotional distress and harassing the families. Who knows, it could be your family too. They may not agree with what this country tolerates and with who obeys what they believe in but they are NOT God. We have our right to chose what we believe in and they can't force us to abide by their standards; they can only attempt to persuade us to see it their way. Honestly, I've tried to put myself in their shoes but I just can't see it in their perspective. They execute their protests in such an abhorrent way that I can't even bring myself to imagine to do such a thing to a family who is already grieving the loss of their loved one.

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