War of the Worlds Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:14
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War of the Worlds Essay
Imagine you're self waking up on what seams to be a normal day. You get ready for school and you start your drive when all of a sudden your car turns off. You get out puzzled wondering what has happened when you realize that all the cars around you are broke down to, then the ground starts to tremble growing more intense then much to your amazement a large alien looking tri pod emerges out of the ground and starts attacking and killing everything in its path. This is what happened in the movie War of the Worlds. I think that War of the Worlds is most like hard science fiction because it is believable and the movie is based around aliens. According to Tarig Malik staff writer of Space.com says that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that some form of alien life exists somewhere in the universe, according to a new survey I think that is enough to qualify the movie as believable there for it is hard sci-fi.
Another reason that I considered the movie to be hard sci-fi is because the aliens had advanced technology for example they some how shut down the power to homes and made all the cars breakdown. They also had lasers that turned humans to dust. The aliens even had force fields around their vehicles that would block our weapons from penetrating. The weapons that humans used in the movie are important to the story and plausible given today's technology. What more do you need to consider this movie hard science fiction.

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