Water - a Fundamental Need of Life

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:02
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INTRODUCTION        Water is a fundamental need of life. It is something we all cannot do without. Water is one of the commodities in world that doesn’t have any substitute. It is a compound containing one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. Water covers about 70% of the earth’s crust and essential for all living organism. Water is responsible for executing and helping in a number of body functions which is ensured that we are drinking water in sufficient quantities every day. People need to drink water in order to live. However, because of human introduction, directly or indirectly of substances in to the marine environment, our water become polluted and undrinkable. Water comes in many forms like Artesian Water, Demineralized Water, Distilled Water, Potable Water, Purified Water, Raw Water, Sparkling Water, Spring Water and Mineral Water.        An Artesian Water is water originates from underground; the water is trapped underground between layers of rock and confined under positive pressure. This type of water is obtained by using a well or piped which goes directly down to the source. A Demineralized Water or also known as deionized water is specially purified water that has had the most or all of its mineral and salt ions removed. A Distilled Water which has undergone a purification process to remove any contaminants and natural minerals, through a process called distillation. A Potable Water is a drinking water it has to be safe enough to be consumed by human with a minimal risk of short-term and long-term harm. A Purified Water has been mechanically filtered or cleaned to be safe to drink. It doesn’t have any contaminants or

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