Water Recycle

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:27
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Executive Summary
The world is always working for water conservation and efficiency. And there is a difference between water conservation and water efficiency. Water efficiency differs from water conservation in that it focuses on reducing waste. A proposition is that the key for efficiency is reducing waste, not restricting use.
In that manner, we decide to reduce the wastages during the production of purified drinking water- with the method of recycling.

Why recycle water?

 Reduce demand on water sources
  Reduce water costs
  Reduce process costs
   Independent control of water

Problems with recycled water

  Customer cannot change the thought of drainage (yuk Factor)
  Initial Cost of Storage and additional pumping cost.
  More careful monitoring and management are needed.

Waterhealth India (WHIN) has an installed base of over 275 Waterhealth Centers (WHC) in Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat and Maharashtra reaching over 1.5 million rural population. WHIN's business model focuses on complete water solutions rather than only setting up water treatment facilities. According to our recent study in water wastage it is observed that the wastage is nearly equal to the production. Whilst considering the water efficiency, the Special project for recycling the waste water has been developed for reducing the water wastage.

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