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Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:53
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Reading about 'Content theories of motivation' (pages 267 to 270) should have given you information about Maslow and Herzberg's theories and may have prompted you to consider your own motivation. This exercise encourages you to consider your motivation from a manager's perspective. Note that the exercise can be applied to full-time or part-time work, to charity work, or even to your experience as a student.

How does the information about your hierarchy of needs relate to your present job role? What organizational changes might create a better fit between your needs and your present and future work?
Which, if any, hygiene factors are not being satisfied. What would the organization need to do to satisfy them all?
Which are your most important motivators? How can the organization try to maximise your motivation by helping you satisfy those needs?
Having responded to those questions, try discussing your conclusions with other students in your study group. You will probably find that different people have different needs. Discuss to what extent a single organization could try to motivate all of the people in your study group.
We need to become more customer-oriented.
Our mission is excellence.

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