What Are the Three Key Things You Would Look for in a Good Leader at Work?

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:40
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What are the three key things you would look for in a good leader at work?

Conscientiousness. Good leader might have this ability as he has to be reliable ( he controls all the team and should be the person whom all the teammates trust), hard working (leader is very essential person in a team and he shouldn't be afraid of work), dependable (all the teammates have to be sure that if something happens or some of the teammates will need help, they can go to the leader and ask for it), achievement orientated (leader should be purposeful and good motivated in order to look forward to the new achievements), concerned with the quality and standards of the work (leader makes most of the decisions and should be motivated to do the work properly to maintain quality and standards of it).

Extroversion. Leader is at the head of the team, so, he should be enthusiastic in order to infect his teammates with his mood and motivate them to do the work more efficiently.

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