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Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:51
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People have their minds made up to what a well-educated person looks like and how they speak. Some people believe that a well educated person would be able to have a conversation about anything at any given time. Some would say that being well educated means that you have knowledge of everything. Some think a well-educated person is someone who is successful in his or her line of work. I believe that a well-educated person does not necessarily know about everything, but they are good at what they do in their careers.
Well-educated people are not only book smart, but they learn from experience. I believe to be good at what you do in life it takes practice and patience. The more that you do something the better you will get at it. An example of this for me would be taking tests. I would get very nervous before taking a test even though I had studied for it and was well prepared. As I started to take more test I got more comfortable and was able to stop being so nervous before them.
When I started working in an auto plant I was promoted to lead person after being there for 6 years. I got that promotion because of my experience. Then a few months later they had a position open for a supervisor. I applied for the position; however the position went to someone straight out of college that had a degree. He was new to the auto manufacturing industry, so he did not know a lot about how the machines worked. I actually was assigned to train him on how the machines worked and to show him around. He was then able to get the knowledge that I had gained through years of experience. I would say on this occasion that the person with the degree and the person with the experience had the same ability to do the job. Having a degree does not make him well-educated or the more experienced person. A degree is a wonderful thing to have and to accomplish but, just having a degree and no experience can also hurt you. An example of how it may hurt you in the above situation would have been if I did not share my knowledge of how things ran at the plant and then not having the experience could have caused a lot of problems with getting the orders out on time; especially when machines would break down or not knowing when it was something that could be easily fixed or something that would need a maintenance person to fix.
A well-educated person seeks knowledge throughout their life. The best way to achieve this is to go to school, travel and have work experience. Sharing your knowledge and experiences with other people will not only make their lives better but will also make your. The educated are seen as being very intelligent but, sometimes they are seen as lacking common sense. An educated person should not only strive to get knowledge but, also realize that they still have a lot to learn about the world. They also need to accept others' opinions and respect others who don't

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