What Steps Can Vivian Take to Recruit and Develop Her New Workforce?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:42
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1. What steps can Vivian take to recruit and develop her new workforce?
Vivian Noble has several different ways and steps that she can use to recruit and develop the workforce. First step that Noble should take is guarantee the support of all managers above her because once she gets the support for her actions and ideas, the implementation and application of the ideas will be easier and it will have more acceptance from her employees and staff. One way that the managers can show the support towards Noble ideas is to put it into the strategic plan or mission statement. Second, Noble should state the culture of the organization, so the current and new employees can understand the policies of the company and work together to reach the goals. The statement objective is to guarantee that the employees have no doubts about the process of working, or compensations. However, this document is not a fixed statement; it must be evaluated times to times and changed if there is a need.
Another step Noble can take is to elaborate a program of recruitment that would be attractive to different cultures and ages. Offering different types of benefits and programs is one way to fit in most employees` needs. The different types of benefits and programs can be flexible hours of work, accommodation, salaries, insurances and many others. Other alternative would be offer training to all the employees, specially the new ones. By giving training, the employees will feel more comfortable and secure. Consequently, the work pace will be faster. Also the company will have more productive and pleasant work environment.

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