Why People Join Cults?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:06
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Women who wear the Burka hide behind it, usually under the Burka they'll

Wear large loose clothes. Even in their own house, their still very much Covered up. So

In my opinion women would be very happy to actually not wear it. Or At least have the

freedom of not wearing it at their own home. I find the burka hostile.

But it's the women's choice, and if the woman understands this fact, and still wants to

Wear it then I guess that's her freedom of rights. Being free also means having the right

To make bad decisions.

Burkas are part of their culture and part of their Religion. And even though the

Taliban regime is long gone, many of the women feel Naked with ought their burka. As If

someone was to be looking at them. I think Personally, its because their so use to

wearing them and being covered up for so long that If they don't wear it they'll feel out of

place or uncomfortable. The reason the women Having to wear it is because the

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