Why People Should Visit Ecuador

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:39
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Armando Caguana09/27/18Public Speaking Why people should visit EcuadorHello, today my presentation will be about my homeland: Ecuador. Ecuador is a country in northwestern South America bordered by Colombia and Peru which, before, along with Ecuador and Venezuela were only one country. The capital city is Quito, while the largest city is Guayaquil. Ecuador’s population is about 16.4 million people. Most of the tourist that visit Ecuador eventually decides to live in there due to the wonders this developing country can offer. I will talk about what are some factors that influence tourists to live in Ecuador.The first factor is the diversity that exist in this country. For being known as the middle of the world many think that in the Equator is always hot, which is not true. Ecuador has many climate zones, from tropical in the coast to cooler at higher elevations. Ecuador is divided by regions Sierra, Costa, and Oriente. Each region has different costumes. For example, potatoes always accompany lunch and dinner and as for the coast rice eaten every day.  Most of Ecuador’s population speak at least one different language or dialect that was inherited by the Inca empire. Second factor is the rich ancient history Ecuador has to offer. The tribes in the northern highlands of Ecuador formed the Kingdom of Quito around year 1000. It was absorbed, by conquest and marriage, into the Inca Empire. Later, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro conquered the land in 1532, thrived by exploitation of the Indians. As for today, we have many ruins that was left to prove the existence of our ancestors. The most famous ruin is the castle of Ingapirca ruin that is in my hometown Canar. There, people had numerous ritual celebrations. As sun and moon worshipers, they tried to be as close to their gods as possible.Third factor is the low it will cost you. Even though Ecuador has the same currency as United States, the cost for living in there is not as high.  To buy lunch in Ecuador will only cost you two dollars and by lunch, I mean a whole meal that will feed you just as much as a meal from a local restaurant would.  To get a basic hotel, outside the tourism area would only be ten dollars. Every souvenir that you plan to buy in Ecuador can be bargained for a lower price. In conclusion, Ecuador has many qualities that can be offered to tourists. Some of them are: rich history, and culture diversity, and what many tourist desires when travelling: cheapness. Or even a roasted guinea pig if you would like to. Thanks!

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