Willa Cather Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:33
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Willa Cather Q & A
Willa Cather was a prodigious American writer of the early nineteenth century. Her short story "Neighbour Rosicky portrayed the simple joys of life and acts kindness. The life of a farmer who overcame poverty from an immigrant country that found love for the land and life's great riches, his family. Willa Cather depicts her Americanism as an author, art through her literature, and a great illustration of life in the early American plains.

Q. How does this author's work depict his/her Americanism--meaning how do you know this author would be an American writer?
A. Willa Cather's story "Neighbor Rosicky" gives quite a few indications that the author is an American writer. An American writer is one who writes about how America came about and what American living was like in the past. Willa Cather gives in great detail about the farm life in her story and what the life style was like of a hard working farmer. For example the author goes into detail about morning breakfast on the farm "He had driven in just when the boys had come back from the barn and were washing up for breakfast. The long table, covered with a bright oilcloth, was set with dishes waiting for them, the warm kitchen was full of the smell of coffee and hot biscuits and sausage." (Perkins & Perkins, 2009, p. 1424) The author gives the reader the feeling that they are living the farm life, along with the characters in the story. Another noticeable trait that makes the readers know she is an American writer is the dialect throughout the story. When the farmers are speaking they have the country accent and do not possess the best grammar and tone, which is how many farmers would speak throughout American literature and American living. For example when Rosicky is speaking to the girl after leaving his doctor he replies to what she had said, " You see, my wife is always makin' goose-fedder pillows, an' de thin stuff don't hold in dem little down-fedders." (Perkins & Perkins, 2009, p. 1426) This dialect is clearly lacking grammar and gives the reader an understanding of how the farmer spoke. That dialect was spoken during the period of when the story was written giving the readers the idea the author is an American writer.

Q. What issues does this author consider important in his/her writings/poetry.
A. The story "Neighbour Rosicky" portrays the experience and farm life of an immigrant. The main character represents individuals who pursued the American Dream. Willa Cather gives the reader a sense of life in the Midwest in the 1930s circa. The author offers a description of the country doctor who is strongly connected to his patients. For example, the Doctor is fairly young, single and has not had much time for his self, but he puts the

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