Women of World War II

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:02
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Women of World War II

Many Canadians believe that men are the ones who won the war, but we also have to remember all those who played a substantial role behind the scenes of all the action, the women. On the home front they made weapons and military crafts for those in battle. Many women were also near the battlefields nursing and taking care of wounded soldiers. WWII also brought women to the fighting front where they helped fighters in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. In WWII women played an enormously tremendous role in Canada's victory both on the home front and the war front.

As men went off into war, their jobs back in Canada were left empty and therefore the women had to fill their spots. Having women work the men's jobs during WWII make it possible for men to leave their working posts and go to war. If woman had not taken over the jobs, there would be production of munitions or other every day supplies (John D Clare). Men would have not been able to go to war in the woman had not been there to take their posts. Women worked in factories building and manufacturing many munitions and weapons for the Canadian fighting forces. They would make supplies for the war effort such as ammunitions, aircraft, ships, submarines, clothes and weapons (World War Two). Without these war supplies being produced by the women, the men would not have had any weapons or tools to fight and be victorious in the war. Many women also worked in aircraft factories fixing damage warplanes. Women would work 80 hours a week helping save time and money by fixing planes so they could fly again rather then having to build new ones (HubPages). Doing so was a very effective way of getting more pilots in the air to help win the war. Women worked long and hard hours to help produce weaponry and tools for soldiers, which in the end, was one of the biggest factors to how women helped win the war.

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