Women Vs. Men in Business. Should They Have the Same Rights?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:53
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Women vs. Men in Business. Should They Have the Same Rights?
The business sector has seen the influx of a large number of women comprising the workforce that has led to the changing of how the women are perceived. It is a necessity for all business corporations to ensure the equal establishment of rights for both the men and women. This decision should be based upon the consideration of physiology, the equalization of salaries and the appraisal according to the potential of the individual and not according to sex.
Most importantly, the differences between men and women in terms of physiology must be analyzed in the determination of these equal rights for the men and women in business. It is crucial to consider the fact that as more and more women join professions which men held traditionally, some issues pertaining to maternity may not apply. Some business sectors have not experienced the pregnant employees in certain positions and for the equal rights to apply, it is necessary for policies regarding maternity to be formulated. Pregnancy can often cause negative attitudes and at times may change the employees' priorities (Greenfield, 2009). The creation of maternity policies should also accompany paternity policies for equality to be achieved.
Equal rights should be established to accommodate the increasing number of women in the business sphere since they have proved that they are here o stay. According to statistics, 60% of women work fulltime in the United States. Another fact is that women in 1963 used to earn 59 cents to the dollar compared to what men earned. This has increased over the years to 77 cents to a dollar 9 (Yuan, 2007). The establishment of this fair and equal treatment for women benefits economic growth in that it encourages more women to work and enter into long-term careers.

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