Wonderful World of Disney

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:34
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I suppose I could tell you how many wonderful things there are which only exist because of Disney and the Disney umbrella of corporate ventures. But, what would be the point. Disney has become so ingrained in our culture that almost everything that could be said about it is already known. Disney is the "Happiest Place on Earth", the "Magic Kingdom", the place where all your dreams come true "when you wish upon a star". In fact, all of the things which Disney strategically aims for are embodied in its company motto: To make people happy.
I don't mind anyone making me happy, but when I look at the Wonderful World of Disney from the outside, it makes me think of someone else: Michael Jackson. And I have to wonder: Michael Jackson wanted almost the exact same thing: to make people happy, especially children; a desire which was fueled by an abusive childhood at the hands of his father Joseph. What then could have caused Walt Disney to create an empire whose sole mission is to make people happy? Looking at the eccentric and extreme effort to reach that end from Michael Jackson, it's obvious. Seven books and a lot of online investigating and it is confirmed. Simply: Walter Elias Disney, the fourth of five children, was horribly abused in his childhood by his father, Elias. This abuse caused in him an unprecedented need to create another world to replace the fractured one he had been trapped in.
Walt and his three brothers, Herbert, Raymond, and Roy were routinely given "corrective" beatings by their father in the farm woodshed. The abuse exponentially intensified upon the remaining children when the elder children moved out; it also grew with any and every setback Elias encountered. His manic rages of violence moved the family several times from one section of the country to another practically overnight. While he was assured, if only in his mind, that the move alone could ensure success, he was unable to handle the stress of even a minute setback. Any failure begets frustration and frustration begets intensifying abuse. (Eliot, 1993)
In order to cope with what was happening to him, Walt's young mind reasoned that his father could not possibly be his true father; his "real" father would never be so cruel. Beyond that, he was never able to understand his mother's failure to stop the abuse. He decided that she, like Elias, could not possibly be biologically his mother. Even when he took into account loving moments shared with his mother reading fairy tales to him, Walt dismissed Flora as his adoptive mother and nothing more.
Another effort to cope with the abuse manifested in Walt's frequent visits into his parents' bedroom to don his mother's clothing and make-up. Staring at himself in the mirror, he declared that the mother he could see reflected back was not only his "real" mother, but also the mother who would always be there when he needed comfort. This was often. Elias' rage was inexhaustible. Walt routinely cuddled next to Roy at bedtime while crying through the pain; this was often accompanied by his maturation ( Farlex, 2009) upon Roy during the night.
The comforting arms of his brother would not last, though. The very day that he turned 18, Roy left home; Walt was 10 years old. It was all he could do; Roy was adamant that he would not remain in the home any longer than legally required. He, as Walt, had endured beatings for many years in addition to working for their father without any compensation. Days beginning at 3:30am stretched to include newspaper deliveries on top of school attendance and household chores. Enough was simply enough. As each sibling before him, upon reaching the age of legality, Roy also would depart the home and its dark secrets of torment. Before leaving home, Roy showed Walt a few fighting moves to defend himself the next time Elias came to beat him. When the time came, Walt, prepared by his dutiful brother, fought back. From that day forward, Elias never attempted to continue the beatings. (Eliot, 1993)

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