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. Northern Oregon suggestion of kiosks and staffing agencies rather than "touchy-feely" method of referrals is not the best way to go about recruiting. As the table above shows, employee referrals is a very effective tool in recruiting. This has presented very positive results in the Western Washington region. Using staffing agencies does produce qualified candidates that present a high retention rate but also there were less hires by using this method than any other method. So in today's environment where Tanglewood has a great amount of needs, this method would not be very efficient. Using a kiosk does attract several candidates to apply but it also doesn't always produce candidates that in the job for the long haul. Employees recruited through the kiosk method had the second lowest 1 year retention rate. My evaluation shows that if other regions used these methods then Tanglewood have would continuously been undermanned and would have a never ending cycle of recruiting. If one method was to be eliminate it would be outside media recruiting.
After reviewing the above table there are certain recruiting methods that worked better than others. The most successful recruiting method in my evaluation would be the employee referral method. This method not only produced the highest hiring rate % but was also very successful retention rate. Another successful method of recruiting was job service. Even though there were less of these candidates hired, it was very successful as far as job retention which is one critical area that Tanglewood is concerned with. One area of concern were the results associated with media advertising. Not only did this present the lowest retention rates it was one of the more costly methods of costs per hire. This method also produced a lower qualification rate than most of the other methods. When you look at all the methods presented the one's that were most successful were the one's were they were referred. This shows that there is almost what you can call a "pre-screening" of the candidates before applying. This is helpful as you are able to speak with more qualified candidates and not waste as much time speaking with candidates that are not qualified.

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