Ywca Rwanda Giving Hope Program

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:40
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1. Introduction
The Giving Hope program has tremendously transformed the lives of many youth since its inception in 2004. This has been achieved through enabling youth caregivers to realize their individual dreams, household dreams and Working Group dreams through provision of capital, skills and inputs for their socio-economic development. YWCA has embarked on focusing its goal to empowerment and solidarity by providing youth-driven opportunities in resilient communities.

Continuous mentoring and cross learning by way of peer exchanges and documenting of best practices from each other's working group has been a catalyst for the success of the program at Youth Working Group and individual youth level.

In this spirit, YWCA Giving Hope Program has organized a one day exchange visit to GISHALI Youth Forum. The date of the Peer Learning Exchange is 22nd February 2013. The participants of this exchange conference will be youth caregivers drawn from their respective working groups and who have been active in their respective Youth Working Groups and are able to replicate what they learn from other youth in the 14 sectors of Giving Hope operations.

This being the first Peer learning Exchange Conference of its kind to be undertaken by the Giving Hope program in Rwanda youth caregivers presents a great opportunity for the youth caregivers to apply what they learn in their different contexts for the benefit of themselves and their Youth Working Groups.

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