Zimmerman Telegram

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:46
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Zimmerman Telegram in document 10, they intended to begin the unrestricted submarine warfare that has involved sinking passengers with American citizen on board and Zimmerman note stated that war on the United States, Germany would help Mexico regain all its lost territory. He had an idea what to do, or just in case something happened. Document 17, Germany captured New York City as there first sudden attack. They cut rail communications, took all the foods to make them starve it to surrender starve it to surrender and steal stuff from Americans. Document 18, the lost of allied and neutral ships of America fluctuated. Submarines and mines' lost were increasing but by 1918 it decreased, surface craft and air craft decreased. It wasn't like the Second World War where their military was everywhere and their gigantic navy contained thousands of ships. United States was forced into the conflict. During the War US was still trading with Britain, but when Germany declared unlimited submarine warfare, some of the trading vessels and merchants' ships would get destroyed, causing death and the loss of the income to both countries.

US had a strong reason politically to enter into war with Germany due to their corrupt actions. Document 6 and 11, many people went to war by force, which made Americans soldiers increase. Senator George Norris in document 11, he defends the side of the soldiers, and that war brings prosperity to the gangs not the patriotic citizens. Because of the war, stockbrokers, and bo...

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